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Irrigation Installation

Irrigation installations are a large part of our company’s every day activities. We specialize in new installations, existing system add-on, reconfiguring systems due to changes in yard conditions and new landscaping. No task is too large for our trained staff.

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Irrigation Maintenance

After installation, its important to maintain your irrigation system to ensure the system will work to optimal specifications. Maintenance is seasonal, which includes the spring start-up and activation, summer check-up, and winter shut-down and blow out. We try to make maintenance quick and easy by offering a service contract for these services. The service contract pre-schedules the services you wish to have, saves you money, and entitles you to discounts on repairs throughout the year.

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Landscaping Division

In addition to irrigation, we are fully staffed to meet your landscaping needs. From simple to complex designs, we can do new planting, mulching, and sod (including ground preparation). If you are looking for more, we also specialize in hardscapes (paver) walkways, patio and retaining wall installations. We can also manage landscaping corrections including drainage solutions to remove standing water or excessive wet areas.

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Landscape Lighting

To bring the entire irrigation and landscaping programs together, we also specialize in custom home lighting. Our homes are the largest investment we have. Why not allow the home to stand out at night as well? Our custom exterior lighting programs provide a beautiful touch to the architectural design of your home. In addition, you have the added benefits of additional security, making dark areas functional, and enhancing your landscaping investments. Depending on your specific needs, there are different styles of lighting, including up-lighting, down-lighting, deck lights or pathways lights.

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